Beauty Secrets that All of Us Can Copy!





Some of us wonder how icons in the entertainment and fashion world maintain their good looks. Okay we think they have an army of hair stylists and make up artists ready at their disposal. Although there may be some truth, icons such as Sofia Loren and influencers The Blond Salad, Chiara Ferragni and Gilda Ambrosio swear by these simple beauty secrets. All so simple and doesn’t take long to copy!

Make Olive Oil your Friend

Olive oil is so good on the outside for your salads and pasta dishes, use it for your skincare. That’s right, mix a dab of olive oil in your facial cleaners or moisturizer for a super glow and dewy skin.  Olive oil is known to help clear up blotchy skin so add in a little citrus and make yourself a home made moisturizer.

Eliminate Stress

Easy to say, hard to do. Italians do not sweat the small stuff. They know traffic will be bad, the supermarket lines will be long. Instead, they make it so where they take the opportunity to linger a little longer in conversation or a passeggiata.  Next time you find yourself feeling stressed and frustrated, take in the scenery, go for a walk or even pour yourself a glass of red wine.

Enhance your Natural Beauty- Not Cover It

European women , particularly Italian and French, consistently emphasize less is more than their American counterpart. Make up is meant to enhance your natural features- not slather foundation from neck to forehead. Choose your best facial feature, such as your eyes or lips, and play with color to enhance.  A tinted cream blush or highlight eyeshadow goes a very long way.  Try Kiko Milano or Collistar.

Moisturize Skin-

Clean skin is the considered the ultimate beauty secret.  First and foremost make sure your skin is clean and moisturize daily. Italian women tend to use heavier cream based moisturizers to make sure their skin remains soft including arms, legs, and elbows.  They know soft skin is a secret weapon because it makes them feel great in their clothes and let’s face it, makes their significant others want to hold them a little longer. Try Perlier Per Corpo.  This well known brand can now be found in convenience stores.

Hair Care

Italian women (and men) pay special attention to their manes. After all, it is their crowning glory. Again, less is more however good hair care means trimming your dry ends on a regular basis and letting wet hair air dry as long as possible before using the blow dryer. Italian women believe constant direct heat will cause more damage in the long run.  Lastly, they know hair is one of the things people notice second to your visage so be sure to moisturize your hair for shine and glow.  Again, natural beauty secrets such as olive oil and coffee grinds can help add that special sheen to stop people in their tracks!  Try Davine’s hair care with some products made of almond and tomatoes!


About All Italian Goods

Two Italian-American women who sees the true value of La Dolce Vita and would like to share this with others along with the joy & appreciation of artisan products of all things Made In Italy
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