10 Things Why We (and You) Will Love Italy in Autumn

We may spend the rest of our lives composing a list of reasons to love Italy. As hard as it was, we managed to condense an autumnal list of why travel to Italy is an ideal time.   Here goes:


10. Cooler Weather.

Traveling to Italy in late spring/summer can be great if heading to the beach but it also means heat. Vacationing during autumn, you can take in the sights during afternoon hours, stroll along the via, and eat al fresco all with a cool breeze gently whirling about.

9.   Shopping.

Italy boasts lots of sales at the end of summer but fall will have the latest fashions and trends right off the runway.  Everyday Italians love to be fashionable so we say be your own Influencer and post away  your Italian fashions on Instagram.

8.   Boots.

Following the shopping deals, a must on your list are Italian boots! Italian made shoes and boots are made with exceptional quality in the hottest styles of the fashion world.   Put on your Persols and kick up your brand new shoes.

7.   Better Deals.

The summer months are considered high season for travel in Italy.  Tourists from the around the world occupy hotels and guided tours usually to full capacity.  During fall, you can take advantage of the discounted rates across the board from air, hotel, and admissions.  Better weather, less crowds, and lower prices make for the better deal.

6.   The Countryside.

While hiking or driving, the Italian countryside is like no other. The trees and mountains morph into a rainbow of fall hues and ideal to put those photography courses to good use. Orange and yellow foliage turn views into real life art.

5.   The Opera.

Fall is opera and theatre season.   Imagine yourself in the town square watching enactments of Romeo and Juliet in Verona or sitting in La Scala listening to the powerful baritones of a soprano. Outdoor stage plays is a treat for the passerby where the town square is filled with the sounds of arias.

4.  Soccer.

Take in a soccer game. Italians are notoriously passionate and naturally over their biggest sport.  Delight in heated discussions over Serie A players of their favorite home town team.  Basketball may be following their tails but calcio can viewed in every bar in every town when there is a big partita happening.

3.  Fall Dishes

Two words: pumpkin ravioli.   Real Italian food is a sumptuous pleasure for any season. Italians will eat in season, which means butternut squash, chestnuts, figs, and cured meats during autumn. Dishes fill tables all across Italy with tortellone and ravioli in squash sauce. Grapes and figs paired with pizza and prosciutto are found on various menus.

2.   Harvest

Autumn is the best time of year to fully experience harvest.   Italians make way for the incoming year during harvest season including olive oil, truffles, chestnuts, and wine. Small towns to large cities host festivals in celebration of harvests. Fall in Italy is a perfect time to sample an abundance of food in its purity.

1. Wine

Oenophiles can delight in wine season. Who wouldn’t love to sample Brunellos, Sangiovese, and Chianti in the height of autumn harvest? Need we say more?



About All Italian Goods

Two Italian-American women who sees the true value of La Dolce Vita and would like to share this with others along with the joy & appreciation of artisan products of all things Made In Italy
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