Springtime Travel Tips in Italy

DN237Traveling to Italy in Springtime?  Here are some tips to guide you during your Italian vacanze !

  1. Weather can be unpredictable- You always hope for sunshine filled days as you walk Via Condotti or stroll through Vatican square however rainy days can be commonplace. Northern Italy especially experience more showers and temperatures are generally cooler.  Not to fret, pack a rain coat and carry an umbrella as back up.  Also, have a backup plan on indoor sight seeing if the weather does not compromise.
  2. Easter Liturgical Services- If you find yourself in Rome, opt to attend Easter Mass in Vatican City. This once in a lifetime experience will allow you to experience the wonder of Christianity right at its epicenter.  Also we think it’s pretty cool to hear and hopefully see a sitting Pope serve Mass.  Papal Audience tickets are free however it is suggested that a fax be sent to the Prefecture of the Papal Household.  Sending a fax is the only means of obtaining tickets as they receive requests worldwide.  Churches in all of the major cities and towns usually have their doors open.  Remember to dress appropriately as admittance is denied if not in proper attire.
  3. Easter Holiday- the Easter Holiday lasts for a full week if not more. Traditionally, native Italians may be off from work and school as they travel to their loved ones during this festive holiday.  It also means a time of festivals and outdoor markets are in full swing all the while mingling with locals.  What better way to get the best tips on restaurants, wine, and food? Verona is host to Vinitaly,a wine festival and the region of Lazio celebrates their Artichoke festival or “Sagre di Carciofo Romanesco.”
  4. Saints Holidays- April 25th is the Feast of St. Mark in Venice, the city’s patron saint. It is also Liberation Day in Italy which is a holiday marking the liberation of Nazi Occupation. Saints holidays consist of what Italy is famous for- food and wine festivals, and perhaps a fireworks display.
  5. Smaller Crowds- Of course the real benefits of traveling in Italy during spring time are smaller crowds and beating the heat. You can always call your hotel concierge in advance to assist you in making reservations to a popular restaurant, booking a sightseeing tour, or purchasing tickets to a special event.  You can always (kindly) ask for a free upgrade of course depending on availability.

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