Olive Oil Health & Beauty

Olive oil is very rich in vitamins, minerals and natural fatty acids. Not only is it such a healthy ingredient to incorporate into your daily diet, it’s also convenient for a sensitive skin.

Olive oil is a powerful ingredient of anti-aging skin care products; rich in antioxidants, it prevents skin aging, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, it also nourishes, rejuvenates and protects the skin.

Rich in vitamin E and A, olive oil helps prolong youth, hydrates the skin, maintains its elasticity and softness. Also, olive oil helps skin cells to regenerate. The list of olive oil benefits can go on and on, but let’s talk about practical things: how can you use olive oil for beauty?

  1. Olive Oil Baths. You also can have gorgeous soft skin.  Sophia Loren once shared this secret.  Just add 5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil to your bathtub
  2. Olive Oil Body Lotion. Apply right after your bath or shower and your skin will be soft & smooth
  3. Olive Oil Makeup Remover. Apply to a cotton pad to gently remove your makeup.  Then rinse your face with warm water and finally cold water which will stimulate the blood circulation
  4. Nail Strengthener. Soak your fingers in slightly warmed olive oil for 5-10 minutes for strong shiny nails
  5. Olive Oil Eye Cream. Keep some olive oil in the fridge and dab under your eyes at bedtime or in the morning.  It will nourish the tender skin under your eyes
  6. Olive Oil Face Masks. Combine 1 tablespoon of olive oil with an egg yolk and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply to a clean face for 5-10 minutes then rinse with warm water and finally cold water. This will brighten & nourish your skin
  7. Olive Oil Exfoliator. Combine olive oil with sugar to make a paste. Apply to face but avoid eye area.  Gently rub to remove dead skin cells.  Your face will be bright, fresh and oh so soft!
  8. Olive Oil Hair Conditioner. Mix one egg yolk with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply to your hair and keep on for 15 minutes before you shampoo and condition.  Another method is to apply slightly warmed olive oil to your hair for an hour before you shampoo and condition. You will find your hair silkier than ever!



About All Italian Goods

Two Italian-American women who sees the true value of La Dolce Vita and would like to share this with others along with the joy & appreciation of artisan products of all things Made In Italy
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