Holiday Party- Italian Style!



The holidays are here and we all know Italians do it better! An Italian Christmas dinner usually abides by tradition such as a Christmas Eve dinner of the Seven Fishes. We decided to come up with ways to host a holiday party with a contemporary twist. So if you’re looking to celebrate in the true  Italian Christmas spirit, here a few ways to bring friends and family together that won’t break the bank or a sweat.

  1. Festive Place Settings.

Remember the idea is to be casual but look like a million bucks. Keep it simple and opt for premium plastic ware. You want to appear that you put some thought into your gathering and save yourself the cleanup. Gold, white, green, red color combos will add sparkle to your place setting. Natural pine and winterberry in a vase makes an excellent holiday center piece.

  1. Food and Spirits.

Food is the hands down the star of the show. That doesn’t mean you have to cook up a feast worthy of your Nonna. All it takes are quality food products. The less is more approach is actually more satisfying and half the work. An appetizing tray of prosciutto and aged cheese will go a long way. Add a few roasted vegetables and fresh fruit and you’ll have yourself a delightful party. Spirits include great wine and liquor. If you want to elevate your party to the next notch, Barolo, Valpolicella, Amaretto, and limoncello are delightful brands to add.

3.    Desserts.

Simple classics such as Pizzelles, ricotta Christmas cookies, and even Panettone will complete your menu for a holiday party Italian style. Your guests can nibble on these traditional sweets without the guilt.

4.    Cocktails.

Everyone loves a holiday cocktail to get the season going. A Negroni is a quintessential concoction that appeared in Florence in the early 20th Century and currently enjoying a renaissance. Warning- Negroni is not for the faint however if you’re looking for lighter refreshments, a Bellini is a nice festive alternative. There are plenty of mocktails that are delicious and will add lots of good fun. Try San Pellegrino Sparkling water with lemon and basil, or Italian blood orange soda with Maraschino cherries.

The most important ingredient of all is laughter with family and great friends.   We hope these tips will make your party or gathering an occasion to remember for another Cent’Anni!


About All Italian Goods

Two Italian-American women who sees the true value of La Dolce Vita and would like to share this with others along with the joy & appreciation of artisan products of all things Made In Italy
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