Autum’s Blaze of Glory


The crisp air has arrived and hues of orange and brown paint our landscapes. Autumn is alive and well in the Northern Hemisphere.   Inevitably, sweaters, coats, and boots are the fall fanfare.  This fall and winter season, color is bursting everywhere. This is the year to ditch the grays and go for vibrant shades.


COLORS OF THE RAINBOW. Colors of the rainbow meshed together in long pleats and maxi dresses. Although previous fashion seasons promoted singular colors in layers, this season we see not only a fusion of colors but also a fusion of patterns. Abstract colors and contrasting patterns, make this season unforgettable.


YELLOW.   Think Spicy Mustard. Daffodil. Eggshell. All variations of yellow are painting the season. Most of us think of yellow as a spring or summer color, but fall is bringing hints of olive to warm autumn tones. These dazzling shades are sure to add brightness to those cooling temperatures.


GREEN. Accessories are picking up blue greens however solid colors such as meadow and forest green are making headlines on the runway. We have seen sea foam or mint greens making big comebacks in the last couple of years but its winter counterpart is ready to add lush and vibrancy to the season.


DUSTY PINK. Not quite a salmon color but still the pink family infused with bronze tones. A perfect complement to grays, dark blues, and browns. The type of color that you see mixed in with nature’s scenery in October or November.


BLUE. This season is looking towards the sky when it comes to blue. Air is another natural element that is taking to the runway. The mood is serenity and calm and thinking outside of the box mixed patterns with greens, yellows, and cedar.


PURPLE. Not just any purple but aubergine! This deeply intense purple is smoldering and attention getting. Like navy, it is a complementary color to bronzes and pinks.


RED. When is red not in style? This fall season reds are blazing with hues of orange and brick colors. These bold dynamic colors define confidence and power whether you’re in the boardroom or at a holiday party.


This fall season is all about splash of color and mixing patterns. Take out the blazers, boots, and wraps. Mix and match and pair up bold colors. Create your own runway show in the office or a night on the town!




About All Italian Goods

Two Italian-American women who sees the true value of La Dolce Vita and would like to share this with others along with the joy & appreciation of artisan products of all things Made In Italy
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