Summer Style in Italy

What To Wear During your Summer Travel in Italy


Italians are known for style and fashion on the runway as well as in daily life. If you have at any time made a trip to Italy, you have certainly noticed the great care in esthetics.   During the summer months, Italians value their leisure and vacation time as a necessity after a year long of labor. A large part of the population escape to the sea or the mountains for fun and sun. Although, European economic issues have slightly altered their schedules to reflect their Asian and American counterparts, a summer break is still an important part of their culture. No matter what popular culture dictates, Italians will always look their best. If you are lucky to be strolling Via Condotti or frolicking in Capri, as they say, “do as the Romans do.”


  1. Ditch the running sneakers. Instead, opt for low slip on sneakers, comfortable flats, and sandals. You will be in style and comfort as your admiring the ruins of Pompeii.


  1. Italian summers can be hot and humid. It would be easy to throw on athletic shorts and do your walking tours however go for capris , Bermuda or walking shorts. Men, choose a “manpri” style as jeans or suits will be too stifling while traveling. Remember Italians dress for comfort as well as “la bella figura” or showing your figure form in a classy way.


  1. If visiting churches, be sure to wear an appropriate sweater around the shoulders, and pants or dress that reach below the knee.   Italians want to look sexy on the outside but still must show respect for their prized religious treasures. Besides, when viewing the artworks of Michelangelo and Raphael, you’ll be too busy doing the admiring.


  1. When traveling, choose light breezy clothing. Knits and linen are staples that never go out of style with the Italians. Many boutique shops carry an array of tops, sundresses, and drawstring pants to fit the natural beauty of the countryside as well as fashion meant to be appealing to the eye.


  1. Lastly, carry a comfortable wide bag or crossover that will fit your necessities and leave room for your hat or sunglasses. This does not mean carrying a bulky handbag of which you will have a hard time finding your wallet or mirror.   “Man purses” are rather popular with European men. A crossover bag style that is carried for convenience, or there is also the belt purse.   The trick is to be comfortable and fashionable and most importantly convenient.






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