Fendi’s Big Splash in the Eternal City



True to elegant form, Fendi held their 90th Anniversary fashion show at one of the world’s most iconic sites, the Trevi Fountain. The show titled “Legends and Fairytales,” designer Karl Lagerfeld sent his models on a clear platform across the fountain to give an illusion of walking on water. Wistful, and flowing in bell sleeves and empire waists, the night was a nod to A Midsummer Night’s Dream Roman style.

Model Kendall Jenner opened wearing a blue coat dress and Gigi Hadid ruled in an embroidered dress and cape. Lagerfeld, not a stranger to big productions, gave the viewers and attendees a lesson in Rome’s rich cinematic history. Playing scores by composer Nino Rota and bringing to mind one of the most famous scenes in cinematic history of Anita Eckberg splashing in the fountain in La Dolce Vita.

Pietro Beccari, Fendi’s CEO, recently said in a statement “The Trevi Fountain is a unique place, and it represents Fendi preservation of values, tradition and historic patronage while looking towards the future.” In keeping with their values, the House of Fendi reportedly spent $2.4 million dollars in the restoration of the famed fountain. “Legends and Fairytales” was the first fashion show ever held at the landmark. Other fashion houses such as Bulgari and Diesel have also contributed to restorations of historic landmarks in Rome and throughout Italy respectively. Fendi has successfully celebrated their 90 years of history, culture, and the present by bringing us back to a dreamlike past.



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